Chemult rural fire protection district

station 2 beaver marsh



Chemult rural fire protection district

station 3 two rivers north

124623 two rivers road

original building was built in 1985

Chemult rural fire protection district

station 1 chemult

109800 Highway 97 north

original building  was built in 1975

                            HISTORY OF THE:


Chemult Rural Fire Protection District is a volunteer department.  We protect a small community in Chemult Oregon of a population of 500/1000, we offer the community fire and ems services. We have tHREE stations in our community Beaver marsh, Chemult, two Rivers North.

Chemult rural fire protection district runs about 180-200 calls a year.

75% of our calls are ems related, 10% are fire related calls, 15% are motor vehicle accidents. Chemult R.F.P.D. district covers 3 major highways in Oregon " Highway 97, highway 58, highway 138".

Chemult Rural Fire Protection District was originally started in the 1950's.  There was a group of locals that started the ambulance service with a  1962 Cadillac. At this time the Chemult Volunteer Fire District looked over a community of around 650 people.  With the very first Fire Truck was from in the 1950's and it was obtained  from a California town.  The original Volunteer Fire District operated without a tax base.  After some concern, a new tax based Volunteer Fire District was formed in the 1950's, original board members were "Jack Grant, Bill Taylor, Dick Jessup and Bob Haynes. It was funded with taxes and donations. The department has continued to grow over the years and has its current building at the northwest end of Chemult. The original fire truck came from California on a loan and a promise.The safety of locals and visitors has always been enhanced by this giving organization. The District now covers several small Housing developement.  Beaver Marsh is now part of the District area.  There are two additional Stations.  One in Beaver Marsh and the other in Two Rivers North Housing Development.